Always Hungry for Something New

Born in the hills of North-East Tennessee McDaniel Cooper has had quite the journey to Asheville.  During his winding life he has always wondered what he would be when he grew up.  He wonders this every morning even today.  At 17 he began working the line at a local Mexican restaurant in Johnson City Tn.  At 23 he graduated the University of Tennessee and entered the field of music production, leaving restaurant work behind for the first time in 6 years.  Music brought him to Northern California and more school.  While completing his Masters in Business McDaniel worked with local restaurants to improve their marketing, sourcing, and cost analysis.  He cut meat and ran a catering company specializing in southern fair.  He competed and was successful in regional competitions for BBQ and his famous chicken wings and when he finished his degree he began the difficult but necessary journey back to his roots here in Appalachia.  Since arriving in Asheville, Mac (to his friends), has worked steadily to find a niche in the culinary landscape of Asheville.